August 12, 2006

a new day

hi today i made some head way with this blog. my friend michaele helped to put other blogs and i did my galleries on so now you can see my los. awsome, michaele thank you so much for being a good friend. she also helped me to do my link in my sig. a deco-pages. so yesterday was my daughter's birthday and being witnesses. we don't celebreate birthdays, but we had a fun day any way we went to gibbson ranch with goats and horses and other samll animals. we feed the goats, and peted the horses. then we went to dinner. i planed to do it on sat. witch is today but my husband was off yesterday and today and that is rare for him to have two days in a row. so today we kicked back and rested. so i'll tell you more tomarrow. i might be going to a new kingdom hall, can't wait.


jburkhart said...

Hi Helen...looks great....glad to see you blogging! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with Brittney and your family!

Your welcome on helping you....glad I could help!

jburkhart said...

Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful day! Your welcome for those nice comments you made for helping you! It's a learning experience and we are learning more each day......great job working on your blog!