September 02, 2006


well i hope all of you are enjoying the QP. and tomarrow i'll put up the boys QP. and put up the link to rainbow days. i have to upload it again and i have dail up still so takes alittle bit. but it will be up real soon. i need to get some sleep i'm falling asleep on my keyboard. and i look funny with letters embeded in my fore head.he he lol. so i'll be on later this after noon. after a couple hours of sleep.thank you evreyone and show how much you like the gifts, with links and comments. i can't get as much enjoyment out of this if i can't see the lo. and you don't get my awesome comments if i don't know where to find them. thank you and i'll see you later.


Bengigirl said...
Link for qp SchoolRocks Helen. Hope you like what I did. I have put it on digidreamer too.

Bengigirl said...

Juliet said...

I really like your work,it is beautiful.I am still learning!