September 27, 2006


i have been taged by misty and by carol. thanks guys for the tag. misty has tagged me a new one so i'll pass that one on. it's coll and fairly easy.
List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. first job at 16 was being the icee bear. for the icee inc.
2.when i was also 16 i met captin lou albano and nature boy rick flair.(those who don't know they are old wwf wrestlers.) of my dogs has and over bite.
4.i like to walk in the rain.
5.i cannot have sticky or slimmy things touch my hands. i couldn't even feel my dd head coming out at birth. the nurse put my hand there with out me knowing what she did and i freak out. and went off on her.

now i have to tag 5 people:.......
1. michaele of burkhart scrapzone
2.Elizabeth McFarlane
4.carol of budda-babe
5.rose(rmd) of rambling rose

so i'm off to notiffie them. have a rainbow day.

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ConnyB said...

Thank you for thinking of me Helen! I will try and answer the questions soon - but I must think about it :)