September 15, 2006


tomorrow burkhart scrap zone and i will be giving a free gift to all who want it. i am unable to put my kit online the same time as burkhart. i have to go to my children's school for morning sing and sitt with my son and watch my daughter do a play and sing. can't wait to get some pic. and share them with all of you. because of the delay i have put a QP up for you. here is a look at burkharts mini kit. mine will be up here later. and here is a link to here site. even though it's on the sidebar.


jburkhart said...

Thanks for the link, Helen!

GranRobbi said...

Thanks Helen, Hope you had alot of fun with the kids at school. I used to love going when my girls were in school, and we still go to see Michaele's Kaylene in her sports games! It is very important to them, and good for you too! Thanks for sharin!