September 20, 2006


this was made for a woman over at digitals, who has a house full of boys. hope you and every one else could use a QP for boys. heres my gift to you enjoy. and send me links to the lo. so i can comment on them. and keep the comments comming the more i get the more you get. and if your new here the archives have free gifts in them also.


GranRobbi said...

Hi Helen, boy is that a cute QP!
Thanks so much for sharing!

ConnyB said...

Hi Helen,

thank you for leaving me a comment - I´ve also seen you at "Let´s scrap", glad that you´ve joined in there :)
Your quickpages are beautiful! May have to download some of them later, thank you very much for sharing them! I don´t know if you could sell them, but you could even try to do. It´s not very easy with selling designs, I think. The Scrappysisters were a good idea, but it was much work and it´s nothing you can become rich with, but it also took away the shine from my hobbie for me. I only want to give things away for free now to make sure they can be used ;-)
If you will try and sell I´m wishing you good luck - and hope that you have more fun to do that! Let me know about it, I would try and help you with a little advertising :-)

You asked about my blog- why the letters are so small. I haven´t heard about that problem before. Perhaps it is your browser? I´m surfing with Mozilla/Firefox. I don´t know why you have this problem.
I will put a link to your blog in my sidebar to visit you often!
Have a wonderful day, Helen!

jburkhart said...

Hi Helen....what a beautiful quick page! Great job!

You've been tagged! Go to my blog and see with what?