September 23, 2006


SORRY I FORgot to put the link up for this i'm uploading it now check back soon. bout an hour.
OK IT'S DONE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT NOW. can you see how close we were that is my son's hand at the window. love it.


ConnyB said...

I love Zoo themed kits! Thank you very much for sharing your work, Helen!
And - also thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I´m not really good in changing things on my blog, too - Dani helps me everytime. She´s nearly perfect with doing such things. So, if you have any questions about it - you can ask her anytime at Let´s Scrap, if you can´t ask Michaele (like now as she makes Vegas unsure *g*)
We´re not celebs, Helen LOL
I´ve started digi-scrapping only one year ago - and I´m just a very simple girl who loves to design and it makes me happy to find friends all over the world with the same hobby, like you now :)
Thank you very much for everything!

Boni said...

these are the most Bautiful kits thans so much

Misty said...

Very creative kits! I'm returning the favor, you've been tagged, scroll down to the second half of the post.

Carol said...

Oh, oh, I just tagged you too, Helen!!! I love your animal print kit. I a wild cat kit a while back and I still like it!