December 31, 2006


i have 5 new kits in the store come on in and see. you might like one or all of them. i would also like to let you know i'm going to keep the name that kit contest up till the 10 of jan. and then i'll name the winner. the ct call will go on to the end of jan. seen how i have a few things going on this next month. i'll be starting a book study on jan 8. and have to work more closely with my dd on her writting. my ds is doing so awesome in school now, now that i've been helping with the things his teacher has brought to my attention. he is more confedent and open. things couldn't be more wonderful in my life right now. so thought i'd hurry up and get all my kits posted in the store, before something goes wrong and i'm not able to. my son's pizza party went really good, i did have to explain to 4 or 5 people that it was not shawn b-day party. we gave him a party just because we and he wanted one. everyone was so shocked that we did that. i can't see why. any way all shawn's friends said that he threw the best party. we brouthg pizza for lunch and cupcakes for a snack after nap time. my son and daughter and i made little sack lunch bag with funny faces on them. and bought little goodies like whistles and erasers balls and lillte cool things like that. we had to leave after lunch recess. the kids had to go in and take a nap. my son is in grade k and at his school he goes a full day, no early out for him. well thanks for coming and taking the time to read. hope you have a wonderful day. lots of love to all who read. helen and family.


Anonymous said...

Love the new kits!

Janet said...

I am glad to here that the party went well. I saw your new kits and they are great. Hope to purchase some next month.

jburkhart said...

Those are great kits that you have put up in your is looking really nice in there! Glad to hear that Shawn is doing so well in school and that his Pizza party went so well! Sounds like he had lots of fun!