December 17, 2006


i know it's been a while. so thought i'd stop in and see how things are. guess there's not much love for me and my children, no comments or sales aside from michaelle stopping by. guess you only like me for my freebies. well sorry there hasn't been any in a while. but can't be superwoman. it's nice to know that your missed when your gone. well here's what i've been up to in case anyone want's to know. i have not found a job yet haven't been looking very hard and hubby stoped pushing is. i've been working and spending time helping and playing with my children. as you know we don't celebrate x-mas or birthdays. but my son's been wanting a party at school with his friends, so i am throwing him a pizza party for the class. he is so happy about it we went to a craft shop and bought white bags and little toys, and all the things to make the bags puppets. tues. is the party and yes i'll have my digital with me. i will be going to my first book study whenwe start learning the revelation book. jan. 6 or 7 i think. been going to all the sunday meetings my children and hubby. not sure if we're going this sun. hubby and ds are sick. i've been working hard at some more QP's and another kit. i guess no one like my new kit in the store that needs a name, no one has even made a guess or given me any ideas. so i'm guessing it's not good. thats ok because i can already tell how well liked i am as a designer. i guess i was lucky to sell the few that i did and am mighty greatful to the people who bought my kits. it really sucks, when it feels like you have to beg just to get a comment for a freebie. it feels like i'm wasting my time when i put up a freebie, and people can't take the time to be thankful for it. the fact is we like to read the comments it make us feel goodknowing that some one out there likes are work, and is happy that we took the time to create it and up load make a preview it. then take another 3 or 4 hours posting at all the web site to let you know we made a freebie for you. at the very least you could do is say thanks. but i know this wont make a different and you probley wont even read this post just skip to the link. any ways i do have a freebie the last of the pirate theme. some real good elements (at least i think so) but i wont put them up til next week some time so check back offten. well thanks to those who have been comming to the site even tho there have been no freebies latley. i'll see you next week, until then love and blessing for all. helen


jburkhart said...

HEy there...glad to see you posting, sorry that it is such a sad post, though! You should not be so down, but I understand! WE all like to receive comments on the gifts that we share with others....some people are not always nice and just want to take take take! Remember all the nice people that have come and visited and said nice comments....those are the gifts back to us! They may be just a few, but a few is better than none, right! Smile and do things that you enjoy doing for yourself....remember it's about having fun! I look forward to seeing what you create next. Also look forward to seeing your ds pizza party photos and layouts! That is a sweet thing to do and he will remember it always!


GranRobbi said...

I agree with Michaele too Helen! Keep that chin up and a smile and keep on going forward. I hope your son enjoyes his pizza party and you still share some photos and layouts with us. Hugs too!

Anonymous said...

I only found you a few days ago - then didn't write in your address correctly so I had trouble finding you again. I thought your stuff was fabulous! I'm so sorry people aren't taking the time to say thank you. It may just be the holiday season - people are short on time, don't want to miss the goodie and plan to go back later to comment. I know I've done that a couple of places and am red faced when I realize that I forgot. Please be encouraged by those who have taken the time. I'm so sorry you've been hurt by people's thoughtlessness. Many of us as we read each blog feel like we've made a new friend and hurt when our friends hurt.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from blog jumping and your doodles are cute, don't be down hearted.
Wishing you Happy Holidays to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

(((((((HUGS)))))))) I'm sorry that people don't comment more...I really like your designs! Although I don't use any of them, I love coming here and looking. I'll keep you guys in my prayers, I definetly know about only one income and the strains it may place on a family. Email me anytime and vent if you need to...just don't forget the time difference!