December 23, 2006


i am going to need some ct members. i will pick 5 people to be on my team. send a e-mail to this addy ct call in the subject. tell me a little about yourself, why you want to be on my team, and a link to at least 2 gallires. in return for working for me you will recive free kits. all you have to do is make two layouts per kit you recive, and post them in three scrap sites of your choice. you can recive three kits a month. you have one month to post all your lo. and e-mail me the links to all your layouts. or post the links here on my blog. hope that you will be happy to help me thank you helen.

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jburkhart said...

Hey Helen! Good luck on your CT search.....can't wait to see who will be joining your team! Glad to see you will be continuing your designs. Thanks for visiting my blog and saying hi! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!