December 28, 2006


i no your not big on using kits right away and posting links in my comments area on my blog. but her goes the deal it's a buy one and post a link to it in this post and get one free. so the rules are buy a kit (not a QP) make one lay out and post it in one scrap site and then put a link to the layout in the comments area of this post (HOW ABOUT A DEAL) and you can pick a kit for free from in my store, any price (but only kits). this will go on to jan. 10th. then the deal will end. so what do you say want a deal come check out what i have in the store. love to you all. here is a gingerbread me and my kids made last week. my son was supose to have made one in his class but he was sick that day, so we did one. i didn't relize it's not that easy for the first time. my son had to hold it together so i could take a photo of it. they really had a good time eating it. and it help take there minds off of not doing christmas. they didn't miss it at all. yay for us. love ya all helen

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