December 08, 2006


things are getting really tough right now for us being a one income family. and my children are both in school all day. and i thought that buy selling my scrap kits would bring in a little extra money would help. but althought i have sold a few kits i'm afraide it is not enought. so i'm looking for a job now. and i will not be able to balance working my children and home, and my bible studies, and designing all at once. so i'm sorry to say designing will be the one to be cut out. i am verry sadend about this, i have one more freebie to post. i'll be later. the only way i'll be able to keep on designing will be if my kits start selling. i have lowered the prices to all the kits in the store. it's in your hands now. do you like my work enought to keep me designing. i hope you do because i love designing for you. well thanks for listening to me rant. love and blessings helen and kids.

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jburkhart said...

Hey there! I see you are job hunting now....good luck in your search! Hope you will continue scrapping and designing when things slow down for you!