December 02, 2006


Hi every one it's been a while since i've been on. hows everyone, Fine I hope. I 've been doing really good. been spending time with my kids getting them up to date with the work in there class needed to spend extra time with britt, getting her writting a little better and helping shawn find a little more confidents in himself. taking i little more time for my husband and doing more of my wifly duties that i have been neglecking. so i have a few odds and ends for you beacause i have not forgot about all of you. I have some good news my husband a children and grandfather, all went to our(not grandpa's first) first two day assemblly we wont be going tomorrow tho. hubby has to work. I thought the meeting was really good i enjoyed myself even tho my son and dd got on my nerves. i was able to listen to most of it. I really enjoyed the talk about storing up treasures in heaven. It's really made me think about where my life is going, and I see it going only one way. I need to keep a simple eye. if anyone has any question or wants to know more just ask in the comments or e-mail me I am more than happy to let you in on the wonderful truths to an everylasting life on a parsdise earth. Well on to more news i have a new kit in my store I can not think of a name for the kit, so help me name my kit if you would like. the person who's name i pick will get the kit for free, for helping me. And i have some new QP's in the store and have taken 50 and 75 cents off some of the older kits in the store. well hope you'll enjoy everything, please leave comments on the freebie. or about the meeting. Please leave the name the kit contest in the store on the kit post in there.
Thank you and Jehovah bless you all.


Pillowgirl said...

These are so cute, thank you again. I love that you involve your kids in this stuff, they probably don't know how good their work is! Make sure they know that I think they do great things!

matsugirl said...

Thank you for the elements.

krissej69 said...

Thanks for the really cute elements. By the way please don't get discouraged, people do care and yes they do read your blog & don't just scroll down to get the freebie, we appreciate your hard work! Thank you for sharing!