October 17, 2006


12:00 a.m. pacific standards time I will post the rules to get the Wednesday give away. So come back and see I'll be fun. Until then I just wanted to tell you all about a great site I've found. It's verysmall and just starting out. I like hang out at small sites you get to know people better and really make close friends and it is easer to get to know everyone. So I've talked to the site owner and she said that it was alright for me to tell you about her cozy hommey little site so you can join in on the fun. Come post in the gallery and play games in the forum, and please post in the gallery I've put comments on all the lo's in there already and I need more to comment on. So if you come by I will do my very best to leave on lo without a comment. I can live up to that now, as there is not a lot there now. But as it grows I'll be a little harder, but I'll do my very best. So the name of the place is www.digibrandi.com it's in my side bar. Come and see pealseeeeeeeeeeee.

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jburkhart said...

Hey stranger.....hmmm...what could it be......great job on the elements.... :)