October 07, 2006


I AM SO SORRY. That there hasn't been anything new put up here I took down some old link that weren't doing very good downloading so I could make room of more. Sorry if you didn't get them, I'll be put them back up later. I have some good news and bad news. I haven't been doing much with making kits and writing here and doing lo. Because my dear daughter is having a hard time adjusting to 4th grade. Lot of incompletes in class work and struggling with math and writing, so I've been spending time helping here and she is finally getting better adjusted. Been asking the teacher for help instead of sitting in class all day and handing in nothing at the end of the day. She is now getting time leftover to do her home work at school. She wants to be a scrapbook designer, and is quite good for being only 10 years old. So to encourage her to do better, she is going to be able to design her own things on the weekends if she does good all week long, and then put them here for a Monday give away. And I am soon going to be selling my designs!!!!!!!!! That right ........
I'll be a seller of my designs and occasionally my dd also. So stay tune for the news and when and where I will be selling. Thanks I have some relay awesome kits to new ones never before seen and some others. So bookmark the page and come back to see the latest news. And I will be put up a new freebies soon. Like to say hi to the new readers here and to the brother and sisters all over the world, my Jehovah be with you and with us all in these crazy last days. Thanks, and peace and love to all.

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