October 08, 2006


Ok I've done it looked around at lots of site and compared the offers and contracts and came up with the best way for me and this is it. I am my own boss and have all the freedom in the world to do what I want. This is quick and easy for me seen how I am very busy and very easy for all of you. Instead of having to go to another web site or store, all you do is click the paypal button and that's it enter your info and your done. No wait for pages to load, or lagging computer in between pages. So I am new to doing this so I hope I got the button and links done right. If there is any problems leave me a comment or e-mail me. And I'll do my best to fix it right away. I am at the kingdom hall tomorrow between 12:00 an 3:00 so I can help or fix any thing as soon as I get back thank you and have fun.

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