October 19, 2006


************* ATTENTION********** PLEASE READ THIS POST.................................

It really brakes my heart to know that I racked my brains for two weeks to come up with an idea for you and me to do something for us on wed. and be helpful for us all. and nobody even bother to try. I got one comment on how nice the kit was. WHAT, was it to hard. I figured that you already post in galleries now, soit wouldn't be that difficult to make ONE lo. And put it in ONE gallery. JUST ONE. And the kit is yours. I was so upset and sad to think no one wanted to join in on the fun I was going to just stop doing the freebie altogether. But I'm not going to do that. In fact what I'm going to do is extends the Wednesday deadline to next Wednesday. so if you need more time then you have till wed. 12:00 am my time. Same rules apply. Please don't let me down this time. I like giving away freebie and making them for you, but I would also like a little help in getting my name out. Not to much to ask, I think I've earned that don't you think so. I'm not asking you to buy a kit and do the lo with it. Just what you've already downloaded.

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jburkhart said...

Give it some time....most challenges last for a week or two....try to stay positive...and remember it's about having fun, right! :) If it's not fun, then it is not worth it!