October 11, 2006


Hi just wanted to say that I have two new kits in my store. My store is at the right just click on the paypal button if you want. And that all my kits for the rest of this months, and till the 11th of next month will be 3.50 no matter what. I'll be back later I have to clean "urgh" hubby gets home early today. He's already mad as can be keeps saying, my wife's always at work and her boss is a task master.(he he)he means me. Last night he was in here while I was working on my blog, and we were talking and I told I'd be out in a few to was a movie. He left, came back in 5 min. Later and I said come back to talk. He said no can't talk my wife is meeting me for dinner and a movie LOL. He's really good that way but is getting tired of seeing the back of my head (he he he). So I'm going now to get ready we also have to talk dd to the doctors she' still not feeling good. So I'll be back later. Lots of love and blessing to those who read, and for some that don't.

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