October 15, 2006


I just finished my add-on to fall colors, it has two family trees with the leaves as the frames. They come in two sizes 5'7 and 12'12. And a leafy grass and piles of leaves, and even a log cabin photo frame. And well here's the deal. I thought that because you have been buying my kits I'd throw in a freebie for the kits you buy at the regular 3.50 I'll throw in the add-on for free. If not you can get the add-on for 2.50. I will be having a add-on for every kit, my next add-on will be for girl things, and for those who have made a buy I wont forget you. you all will still be able to get the same deal. Now several of you will have to wait till I get to that add-on and the ones who bought fall colors I'll get you your link. Thank you and enjoy shopping and reading, and snagging freebies here at the family friendly helron designs store.


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