October 17, 2006


(THIS IS A FREE KIT ) Guess I'll call it this until I can think of a better name. Ok this is what Wednesday is all about. You want a freebie and I want to give you one, but I also want something else, my name to be spread out in all the scrap sites, so I'm hoping that you all will help. Guess this is my version of a CT call, only thing Is your all welcome to be a part of my team. Here goes the rules only two 1. Make a lo. Using one of my kits (free or bought)or dd's gifts and post it in a web site of your choice, only has to be one or as many as you want. 2. Come back here with a link to it and I will go and comment on it and pm you the link to the zip file at the site you post to. Sound like a plan. One more thing, you have to post by twelve 12:00 pm noon(my time I live in Cali.)Thursday. When you post back here post in the comments for this day. And on Thursday I will be the final comment to tell you that it is closed. now if you want the mini kit but don't wont to work for it I will offer it for 1.50 your choice. I hope you will have fun helping me get my name out. And you get a nice kit and a lo. Done, wont that be nice....... Now the gift may not always be a mini kit but if it is not it will be something equally nice as a mini kit. So have fun and there is lots of nice thing to choose from for you lo., and if you buy one of my kits and use that one, of course there would be something extra in it for you.
oooooooo Just list credits as, mine just Helron Designs and my dd as, Brittney of Helron Designs. Ok thank you.
lots of love and blessing your way. Helen and Britt.

one more thing the kit will be up for sale untill next wed. then it comes down and a new one goes up. i will have the paypal button up tomorow by 10:00 am.


Suzi said...

Looks like a very nice kit!

Anonymous said...

nice kit thanks

Anonymous said...

It's a very pretty kit Hopefully others will check it out and let you know too.

jburkhart said...

Yes, Helen....this is a very pretty kit....I look forward to seeing the layout creations so everyone can receive this lovely gift from you!