October 13, 2006


So I wanted to put up my dd's surpize at 12:00 am are time but she wont let me I love what she made. I'm the one with on patience, something about me I have to work on changing. She want me to wait until after she gets out of school. And we live in Cali. So people on east coast the means we are three hours behind you and two behind the middle east or is it west don't remember(he). And for the friends that come from around the world, well I really have no clue about that. I'm just lucky to get the east coast right.(hehehe) thank Jehovah this is not a history lesson right LOL. So she wants to be with me when I post it, so if I have to wait than so do you LOL. I'm uploading it now and so it will be waiting. O did I mention that she gets home at 4:00. So just to let you know my next kit is my wedding bells kit. I have a wide range of backgrounds and lots of fun elements. Colors are blue, Burgundy, pink and some black and silver. Very nice kit will be in my store maybe tomorrow. Then I have a cool fall heritage ad-on to my fall colors kit. And I think a QP maybe for yah soon. In the mean time my dd will keep her wonderful gifts coming for you. She has already started on the Monday give awash. So I did get to the kingdom hall last Sunday dd was sick with a fever and soar throat. Stayed home Monday. Was so bored with me she went to school on tues. And we took her to the docs. yester day turns out she's the proud owner of two healthy ear infection. (he) you thought I was going to say babies huh. She's better now and still chugging along. shawn's extremely happy he got to bring home callie cat today. It is his class mascot, a white and pink cat. He played with it all day. Kiss callie hug callie, can callie eat with me and take a bath with me. callie callie callie, I even took pic. With callie and him and them and his sister. Then he took one of me and my husband with callie cat. I'm putting some photos up of the kids and callie. I'd do the one of me and hubby but he said he would only do the photo if I wasn't put on the net. So sorry it was a good one to. Hubby was acting goofy. So hope you like the photos let me know what you think of them. I love hearing from you. All comments are welcomed.a quick hi to my sisters thanks for coming I love here from you. Thanks Christine and Debby for the nice comments. Blessing to you both. And thank you again from my whole heart,and on behalf of my dd brittney the britt_05. My screen name.we thank you of taking the time to comment, I know that, that little time makes a differents when your in a hurry. And it means a lot to us that you take that time. Because we know that time is something that people this day and age doesn't(have BRB. K I'm back.) have enough of. Well had to check on my Shawnee, he was crying. Now he has a soar throat, no fever hope it doesn't last long. Looks like he might be getting pink eye to. Man I hope not. So he said that if IF he stays home britt can bring callie cat back to school for him. I said so other kids can take her home with them, he said nope so she doesn't get sick silly. blah what was I thinking licon. Well any ways it's 2 am and I need to get in bed so I'm up for tomorrow. Talk to yah all later, love and blessings and I thought that it might be fun to start something new on wensday's but you'll have to be here to find out what it is. Good night and morning. Helen

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