October 11, 2006


WELL MY DD STAYED HOME YESTERDAY FROM SCHOOL AND MAYBE SHE WILL AGAIN TODAY SHE HAS A sore (sorry for yelling at ya) throat. She has read all the comments and was jumping for joy........... O how she loves doing the designing now she wants me to put hers for sale to. Told first thins first,practice then give away then try selling. She want all and she wants it now. So any ways she can't wait till Monday I thinks she want to give you some thing to go with the charms. And they look just as good. I think she said something about tomorrow, but I said she has to wait till Friday when I get her progress report and the teacher say she is improving. Then we can post the new suprize for you. I think using getting to design has helped here in school. Because I have had problems getting her to do her work since kindergarten.
now she's doing her in class work on time and getting some home work done in class also. And I'm not pulling teeth the get home work down, wow thank you Jehovah, and psp9. so thank you to everyone that helped make her day and mine. Lots of love and blessing to all who reads. Helen and Brittney.

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Cindy (cinmcw) said...

So glad this is working for the both of you! Looking forward to your daughter's surprise!