October 25, 2006


THIS IS A FREE KIT PLEASLE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well I'm not giving up so easy. I may not have had any one post a lo. But I did make a sale. Thank you so much for buying my kit. You know who you are post a lo. Here to the kit. And I'll give you a choice of add-ons. I have 2 now just haven't put up the one to girl things yet. Maybe tomorrow. Now here is the new kit for the Wednesday scrap a lo. It is bubble bath. K don't laugh at my bath tubs and sink. I did them all by myself. My hubby laughed at them said the tub with the faucet looked like the bottom half of a rhino or hippo. So any way same rules apply. you have one week to post one lo in one gallery(the lo can be done with anything of mine that is free or if you want to buy one it's up to you. or it can be anything of brittney's. give credit to mine as helron designs, and brittney's is brittney of helron designs. then post back here to receive the link to this kit. All posts must be in by Nov. 1st by 12:00 am my time. then I'll go and comment on your lo. And pm you the link in that gallery where your lo is. and as always for any one who doesn't want to do the work but wants the kit, it is for sale for 1.50, just click the paypal button at the button of this post.
thank you so much for playing. And please come and be a part of my creative team all are welcomed. PS. I WILL GIVE A ADD-ON OF YOUR CHOICE TO THE FIRST FIVE WHO POST HERE WITH A LINK TO THE

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jburkhart said...

Love the new Wednesday kit, Helen...the bathtub and sink are too cute! Good luck with the contest! :)